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Founded in 1995, North Mould is a injection mold leading manufacturer in China, with 100 more than 100 professional employees, among 10 technicians and 5 engineers. Our factory is located at Huangyan, Zhejiang, where is considered the reputation of "Moulds Town of China".

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factorynewWe are committed to being a professional injection mold manufacturer in China.
Our products are the choice of 20 countries worldwide, and for those who choose to continue to believe us. we will continue to offer them the best quality molds.

Our factory is located at Huangyan, Zhejiang where enjoys the reputation of "Molds Town of China". There are more than 100 professional staffs, among which 10 technicians and 5 engineers.We design and manufacture all kinds of injection molds . Our products have been exported to Hongkong, Malaysia, France, Rugoslavia, Indonesia, etc. We enjoy good business reputation and satisfaction degree among the clients both at home and abroad...

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